Aerial Robotics for a Better World

Taking to the skies to save the world below.  Aerospace mapping technology to fight fires, replant forests, grow better food and make the world a better place.

Next Generation of Aerial Mapping

Using cutting edge aircraft, sensors, and cloud-based processing- we provide maps that can be used as powerful tools, not just pretty pictures

Wildfire Prevention

Technology for the next-gen of aerospace

We have developed a revolutionary way to map large areas at high resolution with cutting edge sensors. Using a trained pilot network, Also, be sure to look for a casino that doesn’t charge ridiculous fees. This way, they can enjoy the game without the risk of being turned away by high-rollers.

airspace integration experts, and cloud-based processing- we create a digital twin of the earth when we fly. We use this to prevent wildfires, grow better food, keep communities safe, and help rebuild after natural disasters

Using a drone mapping network, we fly sensors over a property to scan and create a digital file

Fly once- capture many

When we fly, we capture a digital twin of the property- creating an asset that can be used for many different products

Sensor Arrays

Using a variety of sensors, we scan spectral reflectance, 3D modeling, & AI data for our applications

Nationwide Coverage

Line of Site and Out of Site is
used when creating maps that typically are forced to use more expensive methods such-as low
flying light aircraft or satellites.

Flight Operations

How our maps are being used

Powerline Fire Prevention

- Automated Powerline Inspections - Vegetation Control Maps

Reforestation Tracking

Regrowth Tracking Future Fire Resistance Tracking

Precision Agriculture

- Precision Nitrogen Mapping
- Targeted Weed Spraying
- Issue Detection

Carbon Credit Generation

Biomass Measuring for Forestry Plant Health Inspections Reducing Synthetic Fertilizer Cutting Herbicide Usage

Disaster Surveillance Mapping Without Limitations

High-Performance Mapping at Ground Level
No program,  job or problem is too big for our capabilities. From thousands of acres to miles of swamp, the world is visible from 1 foot to 1,500 feet no matter the conditions.


Satellite, and Light Aircraft vs Drone Mapping

The true value of aerial mapping is the ability for the user to glean the important data need for them to make in some cases a life-altering change in direction. Tesla Aerial Robotics provides extreme layers of data in many cases where humans can’t reach or view.


High Frequency, Low Resolution, No Ground Calibration


Satellites provide large areas of mapping opportunities with little resolution.

Drone Mapping

Highest Frequency, High Resolution, Ground Calibration

Home and Property Mapping

Mapping a residence to provide fire prevention, an inspection of roofs and property.

Light Aircraft

Low Frequency, Higher Resolution, No Ground Calibration

Light Aircraft

Light Aircraft are typically used when very large areas need to be mapped.

Disaster Relief

Providing assistance from the air

Helping From the Air

Data can provide lifesaving impact during disasters
Mapping network any location around the world

Mapping from 10 to 1,500 ft

To make the jump from maps being “pretty pictures” to powerful tools, we have to have a reliable and repeatable system of mapping. We continually work to make mapping more efficient, more powerful and provide the platform to help change the world.

Our inspiration

Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla was a visionary who could visualize solutions that could change the world. When we look at large problems in the world like climate change, deforestation, and wildfires- we aim to have the same desire and commitment in how we act. 

His ideals, patents, and inventions inspire and fuel the principles that make our company what it is, and we intend to carry on that legacy to the fullest.

Wilhelm Cashen

Chairman Founder

Micheal Smollin

VP Data Specialist

Aiden Minter

President, Co-Founder

Chris Dawson

Our Team

Our Experienced Team Members

We exist to use technology to solve huge problems we have in the world today: how to grow better food, how to fight wildfires, how to deal with disasters more effectively, how to reforest entire National Parks- and we use the best technology available to do so.
We have backgrounds spanning legacy aviation, aerial robotics, AI, and manufacturing that equip us to assist problems that haven’t been touched before
Tesla's Vtol


The World's First VTOL Design
Nikola Tesla

In the late 1920’s at the dawn of aviation when many young men and a number of women dreamed of flying from their homes, farms, and fields.

Conventional aircraft design allowed aviators to take-off and land from hundreds of small patches of grass fields, make-shift airports and some utilized costal waterways, lakes and rivers.


The infamous electrical engineer, inventor and visionary, Nikola Tesla an American immigrant born in 1856, when advancing his efforts to find applications for his invention of the 3-phase electric motor, envisioned the use of his motor not only as a power plant for existing aircraft designs of the time, but how his motor might be used in a completely new aircraft concept, the VTOL / eVTOL Aircraft.




Our Clients

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