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Flight Operations

What We Provide for You...


The highest quality aerial video and photography of any location

Mapping & Modeling

High Quality and fulling interactive 2D and 3D modeling for any function from contracting to delivery pathing

Marketing Packages

We edit, touch-up, and organize your visual data into packages designed to increase lead and sale generation

Survey & Inspection

Both home and commercial construction or renovation inspections and updates for everything from planning to approvals

Flight Operations Network

How Our Drone Mapping Works

We have developed a revolutionary to map large areas at high resolution with cutting edge sensors. Using a trained pilot network, airspace integration experts, and cloud-based processing- we create a digital twin of the earth when we fly. We use this to prevent wildfires, grow better food, keep communities safe, and help rebuild after natural disasters

Video Mapping

Utilizing Video cameras, Tesla Drones capture important data need for immediate decision making.
"Real Time"

Low Level Flights

With appropreate permissions important fire prevention, rodent management and soil analisys can be collected mapping an aera of less than 10 square ft.

Sensor Arrays

Sensor Arrays provide continuous, timed or interrupted data
streaming to the cloud
or other storage.

15-120 Minute Flights

Line of Site and Out of Site is
used when creating maps that typically are forced to use more expensive methods such-as low
flying light aircraft or satellites.

Mapping network any location around the world

Mapping from 0 to 500 ft AGL

To make the jump from maps being “pretty pictures” to powerful tools, we have to have a reliable and repeatable system of mapping. We continually work to make mapping more efficient, more powerful and provide the platform to help change the world.


Satellite, and Light Aircraft vs Drone Mapping

The true value of aerial mapping is the ability for the user to glean the important data need for them to make in some cases a life-altering change in direction. Tesla Aerial Robotics provides extreme layers of data in many cases where humans can’t reach or view.

Our inspiration

Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla was a visionary who could visualize solutions that could change the world. When we look at large problems in the world like climate change, deforestation, and wildfires- we aim to have the same desire and commitment in how we act. 

His ideals, patents, and inventions inspire and fuel the principles that make our company what it is, and we intend to carry on that legacy to the fullest.

Our Team

Our Experienced Team Members

Utilizing legacy aerospace connections and visions of an innovative future, we fight problems from the air that have never been touched before.


What Our Client's Say

Overall, clients are finding drones to be a valuable tool in a variety of home-related applications, including building, inspections, surveys, security, and marketing. Drones provide a unique perspective and the ability to capture high-quality images and data, which can help clients save time and money, improve efficiency, and make informed decisions about their properties.

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