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You may have heard this word a lot recently, and surely you’ll be hearing a lot more in the coming years. No one can argue that the world is facing some big challenges, such as climate change, a growing population that needs to be fed, and limited land to grow food. Fortunately, this new approach that is being promoted recently can fix all of the above challenges and provides the solution that we are looking for

Energy and Food

Making Mega Watts of Electricity

Independently Plan, Power, & Run Your Solar Farm

Planning the Perfect Farm
With the Perfect Map

Our Introduction

Digitally Map Your Farm

Planning the layout and design of your farm is the first step. Every solar farm starts by realizing exactly what it will look and function like


Installing High Quality Solar Systems

After we create your design, we utilize the best and brightest to install all your equipment quickly and professionally. We guarantee the most efficiently out of all your gear. We partner with the most trusted companies in solar and renewable energy production to get you the best deal

Running Your Farm with AI

Farming has traditionally required a great deal of man power to keep in operation, but no longer. Our Agrivoltaic systems provide a large amount of on site powered, AI controlled automation to run the calculations, operation, and decision making for your farm

Maintain solar panel health, the state of your equipment, and the water content of your crops all with the help of automation. The largest to the smallest farms can now be run with minimal human labor, including ordering supplies and calling for repairs before they are needed. Solar panels will be cleaned, plants will be irrigated, and your equipment will be kept running in top notch condition. We are here to build you the perfect agrivoltaic farm

Benefits of Agrivoltaics

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Areas we cover and fly include

We cover all of Southern California primarily focused on Los Angeles, Orange County, and the San Fernando Valley

Los Angeles
Orange County
The Valley
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