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Drones can help to improve home building accuracy and efficiency reducing costs and improve safety by minimizing worker exposure to dangerous or hard-to-reach areas.

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Drones provide real-time video, data and analysis, and can help to identify potential issues ensuring that the construction project is completed on time, on budget, and to the required quality standards

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Wall Assembly
Trus Inspection
Ture Wall Assembly

Use a Drone to create a step-by-step report, the provenance of building a house or a commercial building that can provide a range of benefits, including increased transparency, improved quality control, and increased resale value. By providing a detailed record of the construction process, a provenance report can help to ensure that the construction meets the required quality standards and regulatory requirements, while also providing valuable information for buyers, financers and insurers.

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     How Creating A Building Record Is Important

  • Transparency and accountability: 
  • Quality assurance: 
  • Resale value: 
  • Insurance claims: 
  • Sustainability: 


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Drones see everything when building, remodeling or expanding

Durring Construction Drones See Eveything

Construction Video and Data Services

Truss Structure

Inspect Daily
Roofing Inspection

Drones see all of the superstructure

Drones see beams, cross members and more

Beam Inspection

Drone in the Sky

Eye in the Sky Inspect, Replace and Repair Roofs

Roof Installation

Utilizing drone scans enable you to access hard-to-reach areas with ease and efficiency. By using drone scans for roof installation, you can get an accurate view of the roof, allowing you to plan and execute your projects with confidence

Roof Maintenance

Our drone scanning services can identify and address any potential problems before they become costly repairs. You can save money while keeping your structures in top condition and protecting your investments

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Drone In Construction

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Aerial view of residential house with backyard in suburban rural area
Fence Project Installation

Our drones can provide aerial images and topographical data to help with fence design, layout, and integration with the surrounding landscape to perform visual inspections of fences to pinpoint areas of damage, rust, or wear that may necessitate repair or replacement

Solar Design and Install

Installing solar photovoltaic panel system on roof of house
Solar Consultation

Capture high-resolution aerial images of the proposed installation site, helping designers and engineers plan the optimal layout and orientation of solar panels. Equipped with photogrammetry technology, we collect topographical data to create a digital elevation model (DEM) of the site, which helps with accurate shading analysis and system design.

Solar Installation

Inspect the site and roof structures before installation to identify any issues or obstacles that might impact the installation process

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Detail Proposal
Project Installation
Final Inspection

Swimming pool design, inspection, and maintenance

Luxury Villas with swimming pools crop

Swimming pool design, inspection, and maintenance:

a. Design visualization: Drones can capture aerial images of the proposed pool site, helping designers visualize the layout and integrate the pool into the landscape.

b. Leak detection: Thermal imaging cameras on drones can identify temperature differences in the water, pointing to potential leaks in the pool structure.

c. Pool liner and tile inspection: High-resolution cameras on drones enable the examination of pool liners and tiles for damage, wear, or algae buildup without human intervention.

Beautiful drone photo of pool in backyard

d. Water quality monitoring: Drones can be outfitted with water sampling devices to assess chemical levels or detect contaminants in the pool water.

e. Pool cleaning assistance: Although not yet widespread, specialized drones may be designed to help with pool cleaning tasks like skimming debris from the water surface

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We cover all of Southern California primarily focused on Los Angeles, Orange County, and the San Fernando Valley

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The foundation of good home

Our drone scans provide a detailed overview of your roof, so you can quickly identify any potential issues and address them before they become costly repairs. Let us help you make sure that your roof is a strong foundation for your home.

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